EECI IGSC 2018 Early Registration

20€ administration fee per module payable upon registration.

Important: Registration is confirmed only when the administration fee is paid.

Payment modes for administration fee by:

1) Credit card/Paypal on line upon registration.

2) bank check made to ASSOCIATION EECI – CentraleSupélec – 3, rue Joliot-Curie – 91192 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex – FRANCE

3) Order Form: If you are sponsored by your Institute/Company, you could either pay by yourself upon registration or ask your sponsor to send us an Order Form / written confirmation stating the FULL registration fee amount by post or by mail

4) Bank transfer:

Payment of registration fee is not required at the moment of registration. We will inform you latest on 08/01/2018 if the module is open or not (due to insufficient registrations) as well as the steps to follow.

This administration fee will be reduced from the registration fee or be refunded when the module is cancelled by EECI. However it is non-refundable when the module is cancelled by participant.

Should you have any difficulties in processing the registration or payment, please contact

EECI IGSC 2018 Registration Fees

Early registration 300€ (Registration before 31/12/2017)

Standard Registration fee 400€ (Registration after 31/12/2017)

Reduced registration 150€ for Turkish and Russian PhD students attending module in their country. Valid student status proof is required at registration

Free registration will only be opened after 08/01/2018 for Master Students of the University where the module runs (only 20€ administration fee is required). Valid student status proof is required at registration.

Payment: 1 month before the module opens by Paypal, credit card, bank check or bank transfer.